Kingdomality workshop

Kingdomality workshop

A small workshop with only 4 students and a teacher – guider and presenter – about the “Kingdomality” an Ingenious New Way to Triumph in Management, but it was still really interesting. Mrs. Phuong was so good at delivering the topic. She guided us to find out amazing things from our inner, explained what it meant and why we had to understand ourselves and others.

We started out with an interesting questionnaire to find out how ambitious, stable, kind and creative we were. Which of those (ambition, stability, kindness and creativity) was the most and least important to us.

Then she linked the results of questionnaire to the talk about “Kingdomality”. In this amazing book, the authors brings readers back to the medieval Kingdom and pinpoints 12 types of employees who are divided into 4 groups that have different motivations to act, corresponding to Ambition (Black Knights, Prime Ministers, Merchants), Stability (Scientists, Engineers, Doctors), Kindness (White Knights, Shepherds, Dreamer-Minstrells) and Creativity (Bishops, Discoverers, Benevolent Rulers).

The Ambition goes together with Logic. And the Stability goes along with Practicality. The Kindness and Emotions are of course shape and shadow. And the Creativity and Ideas are a couple. This means that the ambitious ones often think logically to get their targets. The stable ones act with practicality to insure what they do brings about truly present results. They are down-to-earth persons. The kind persons usually act upon emotions of bringing good and nice to others, they even fight for others without nothing in return. And the creative ones usually have many ideas, they always want to try new things.

And the final chart was that the most interesting as it concluded everything that we had been working on. If I have chance, I’ll show you. But now I just say, it’s like a clock in which all the 4 groups (Ambition – Logic, Stability – Practicality, Kindness – Emotions, and Creativity – Ideas) and 12 types above are arranged in the order of time points.

In that chart, I found myself was a Benevolent Ruler. That means I’m in group Creativity and I’m kind of more kind than more ambitious one. Surprisingly, when we came back to the first questionnaire to look at its result, it actually proved for the final result that the two most important motivations for me were Creativity and Kindness.

Alongside with that, we knew which type of employees we were, and that understanding would help us to deal with others to make an excellent group.

We had some interesting gossips and we had a good time.

Sunday July 6, 2008 – 04:30pm (ICT) Kingdomality workshop


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