The Incredibles!

I ‘ve just got back from English Oxford UK Vietnam, totally exhausted after spending the whole 6 hours there!

If you have even a small wonder why I was there for such that long, keep on reading and I’ll tell you. Or If you have not, feel free to leave.

OK. First, I got to Oxford today to enjoy a relaxed activity: watching an incredible movie.

The incrediblé
Have you ever seen the film “The Incredibles”, which is a 3D movie about the five-member superheroes family. If yes, you must have liked it very much because it is a really interesting funny action movie. Robert or Mr. Incredible – the father- has an extraordinary strength. He can lift a truck with just one finger! Helen – Ms. Elastigirl – the mother – who can elastic her body. And their three children are Violet who can hide herself away, Dash who can run extremely fast just like a light and Jack Jack who is still a toddler.
The film started out when Robert and Helen act as hero and heroin and save the world from threats like murders or fires…But whenever Robert tries to give people a hand, he destroys buildings, roads, trees…on his way. Finally comes the real problem, when Robert tries to save a man’s life, he is sued by that man because of intervening the man’s rights to die. From then on, the government let him and all other heroes no acts on saving this world. He and his family come back to normal life. He gets a frustrating job as an insurance officer and his wife comes back for her housework. After 15 years of a “normal” and boring life, Robert can’t stand anymore. He wants to be Mr. Incredible again. And right then, he receives an invitation to work for a secret organization where he is promised to be able to actually use his ability to save the world. But unfortunately, it’s an organization led by a evil man who is trying to terminate all superheroes in this world to become the only superhero himself. This man is nicknamed Syndrome. Syndrome used to be a crazy fan of Mr. Incredible. Once he was a boy, he asked Mr. Incredible to help to save the world but Mr. Incredible said to him: “Go home! I work alone!”. He felt disregarded and since then he held a grudge and waited for a revenge. He’s evilly great in inventing machines and devices to chase and kill superheroes. He has been successful in doing so till he tries to trap Mr. Incredible. After facing many challenges and difficulties that may lead to death, Mr. Incredible and his family finally wipe out Syndrome – a real threat to the world – with their strength, the honesty, courageousness and kindness. And after all, superheroes are allowed to carry on their mission again – that’s saving the world by their incredible abilities.

I must say this is really incredible film that’s worth you 2 hours to watch if you wanna relax.

Trying “The Incredibles” was my first and top target to get to Oxford. But soon after getting there, I really found that I should be here for the call of $100. It’s such an amazing time competing against other teams (around 15 teams or so) to get into the final rounds facing 2 other incredible teams. I did good in the first round. But Ghosh, the other two teams did so good and I lose the final one. Say goodbye to $100 bill and say “Mom! I’m coming home!” with totally nothing after a 6-hour-tournament. Exhausted and Nothing! Well…kind of… a bit depressed, a bit empty but actually great and like it was all to be “Incredible”.

Thanks for Oxford English UK Center that I had the chance to let my English fit in.

See!? Now you’ve got my 2 reasons!

Saturday July 5, 2008 – 10:32pm (ICT) 


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