3 simple lessons I learnt from the 30-year-old “blood billionaire”

If you have 22 minutes, watch this conversation with Elizabeth Holmes – Founder of Theranose. Recently, she is emerging as “a blood billionaire”. Holmes dropped out from Stanford at the age of 19 to startup Theranose with a clear vision of what she were born to be. After more than 10 years, she has built a company of 700 employees with the value of 9 billion dollars. She’s also a very interesting young lady who has never dated, has never owned a TV and has a deep tone of voice that carries power…

Original post on Fortune: http://fortune.com/2014/12/08/elizabeth-holmes-theranos/

If you have 1 minute, digest these bullet points. These are her best and most thorough answers that I got from this interview. What I found through her way of contemplating and answering the questions was that she genuinely talked from her own experiences.

1. Be very good at change to get to the end game of building a business

“I really believe that building a business is a vehicle to change the world. So then it’s a question of operationalizing it and tuning it and changing it and being really good at change so that you can get to that end game. Because nothing ever works out the way you think it’s going to so you just have to leverage those moments and turn them into what you want them to be.”

2. Know why you are doing something and be open to failure

“People talk a lot about starting a company and my question is always “Why?” because there’s got to be a mission, a reason that they are doing it that no matter how hard it is, you want to keep doing it over and over and over again because you love it. And for me, what I want to do in my life is seeing change in our world in a way that people don’t have to go through what they have to go through today when you have to say goodbye too soon.”

“If you know why you are doing something and what it is that you are trying to get. Then it’s a question of bring very open to failure and just trying again, again and again until you get it. We will fail over 1000 times until we get a thing to work but we will get it on the 1001st times. And I think that mindset is the guidance for so much of what we have done because that determination to make it work no matter what but you are not worry about whether many of those attempts failures but you embrace them almost.”

3. Get motivated to the point that you sleep only 4 hours a day

“I don’t sleep very much. I sleep well four hours. I feel like the luckiest person in the world every day because of what I get to do. And right now building the company is about building people and really investing and building people from within our company. So I spend as much of my time as humanly possible focusing on getting and building the right people because that’s how we realize this mission and how we realize this dream.”

If you watch the video and find other interesting lessons, please share them with me.

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